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The Slow Gamification of K-12 Classrooms

“A report by the market research group Ambient Insight found that edtech in the forms of learning games is not making its way into classrooms. Instead of educators making learning game purchases, marketers target parents because they are the ones who buy them. The North American edtech market is expected to grow over 15 percent in the next half-decade but company leaders have candidly said that they will focus marketing efforts on parents, not schools. To paraphrase, targeting schools is simply a waste of time…”

via The Slow Gamification of K-12 Classrooms | Matthew Lynch, Ed.D..

Gamification Expert Joey Lee Receives TCs Strage Prize

“Joey Lee, Assistant Professor of Communication, Computing and Technology in Education, is the recipient of the 2012 Strage Junior Faculty Prize. Created in 2009, the prize supports the production of a short video to highlight outstanding work by the recipient from the previous calendar year that best reflects innovative thinking in educational research and education.Lee’s design-based research projects seek to apply the principles of games to address some of the most important challenges of the 21st century, including the development of skills such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. He has created teaching games that challenge players to combat the dangers posed by climate change and create solutions to promote sustainability.”

via Gamification Expert Joey Lee Receives TCs Strage Prize | TC Media Center.