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Video Games and Higher Education: What Can “Call of Duty” Teach Our Students?

Here it is argued that with game-based learning it is possible, through their inherent teaching mechanisms, to sustain stimulation throughout a class within higher education. That is, the “net generation” (Tapscott, 1999, p. 6) is intrinsically motivated by games and that commercial video games have a potentially important role in the classroom to assist learning of a range of crucial transferable skills. We further argue that commercial off the shelf (COTS) game design is replete with effective constructivist teaching structures and that such games should play a more prominent role within mainstream education…

Frontiers | Video Games and Higher Education: What Can “Call of Duty” Teach Our Students? | Frontiers in Educational Psychology.

Game-Based Learning Gains Ground in Higher Education

Discussions of game-based learning tend to focus on K-12 classrooms, but educational gaming isnt just for kids. From simulation-based games, to Massively Multiplayer Online MMO games, to Alternate Reality Games ARGs, to Serious Games that take on real-world social issues see Purdue Universitys Serious Games Center, higher education is on the path to widespread integration of all sorts of games in all sorts of classrooms.In its 2012 report on technology trends in higher education, the New Media Consortium predicts that the horizon for widespread adoption of game-based learning is just two to three years away. Despite some challenges, including economic pressures and institutional barriers, its a good bet that game-based learning will soon be commonplace in most college and university classrooms.

via University of Phoenix – Educating the Workforce of Tomorrow.