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Citation Gaming

Last April I facilitated a workshop as part of the CUNY Library Information Literacy Advisory Committee’s (LILAC) spring program on library and information literacy instruction. My breakout was on using games for library and information literacy instruction, and we played a game I developed called Game On for Information Literacy to brainstorm a game called Citation Challenge! to teach academic citation style to students.

It was a fun and productive workshop, and we were able to come up with a game for teaching citation that should take about 15 minutes to play, along with several variants that can be used if there’s additional time for the game. Check out the full rules, materials needed, and gameplay on the LILAC website. Please feel free to play it with your students if you need a quick activity to cover citation basics. And if you do play it, drop us a line in the comments — my fellow workshop participants and I would be interested to hear how it goes.

Image by futureatlas.com