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Video game training found to improve older brains

“Some video games are designed to foster a fun experience, while others are meant to educate. One 3D video game, which was at the center of a recent University of California, San Francisco study, was specially designed to enhance older adults cognitive abilities. Based on researchers findings, playing┬áthis game can improve seniors mental strength.In the study, which was published in “Nature,” researchers set out to see what impact playing their video game would have on participants between the ages of 60 and 85 years of age. Those who played the game had to navigate a race car around a winding track, while keeping an eye out for specific road signs. When these signs popped up, players were asked to press a button. Overall, the game required them to rapidly switch between tasks.While the game was difficult, the participants received training to make multitasking easier on them. The training proved very effective, as they were able to perform better than individuals in their 20s who were playing the game for the first time.Following the video game training, the participants saw improvements to their sustained attention and working memory. Ultimately, the study results show that the older brain can change.If adults play video games regularly and are curious to learn how this hobby has affected their cognitive abilities, it may be time for them to take an IQ test.”

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