College Quest scores an Epic Win at BMCC

Two CUNY professors, Joe Bisz and Francesco Crocco, recently received a Title V grant to create College Quest, a game-enhanced academic social network, getting things done, and course management application for BMCC. Students will: create an avatar; earn points, levels, and badges for completing course assignments; receive push notifications for deadlines; play skill-building learning games in an online arcade; collaborate and mentor each other; check in to locations for augmented-reality gaming; and much more. The profs are working with Neuronic Games, a NYC game studio specializing in learning games, to produce a beta of College Quest by summer 2012. College Quest was inspired by the popular iOS-based getting things done app, Epic Win, which uses a fantasy theme and avatar system to manage tasks and level-up players. Stay tuned for more information about College Quest!

8 thoughts on “College Quest scores an Epic Win at BMCC”

  1. Jason–I’ve never seen a study to that effect, but I think that games, like almost any work of art, come with an expiration date. That is, you’ve seen what there is to see and you’re ready to move on to something new. I think your question is deeply tied to the idea of aesthetics, so we might be able to borrow theory from that field to gain more insight into your question.

  2. I just put “Epic Win” and “Temptation” on my phone. I’m hoping that visits to tutoring will be part of the studentosphere.

    Also– are there any studies on why people stop playing games? I was seriously obsessed with Bejeweled Blitz and then suddenly it just disappeared from my consciousness. Angry Birds once got me out of bed in the morning, and now I feel like I could live the rest of my life without playing it.

  3. What will students do to avoid being tagged as “bloated gaseous undead minions”? This will be a game-changer for tapping into student motivation. Congratulations!

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