CUNY Games Festival Updates and Extras

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As the CUNY Games Festival draws ever closer we’ve got a couple of updates and extras to announce!

Our registration deadline has been extended to January 1, 2014. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, head over to the conference website to do so.

We’ve secured a spot for our game day on January 18: the Richard Harris Terrace at BMCC. Find more info about Festival locations on our website.

We’re putting the final touches on the schedule for the conference on January 17, and will post details on the conference website as soon as we can. We’re delighted to feature a full day of presentations, shorts, posters, and arcade demos — titles of the accepted proposals are listed below, and there’s sure to be something for everyone interested in game-based learning in higher education.

The conference day will conclude with a plenary session featuring a diverse panel of scholars and game designers: John Black (Teachers College, Columbia University), Robert Duncan (York College, CUNY), Joey Lee (Teachers College, Columbia University), Anastasia Salter (University of Baltimore) and Eric Zimmerman (New York University).

Hope to see you there!

CUNY Games Festival accepted conference proposals


  • Choices in Games
  • Play as an Invitation to Learn: Teaching Grammar with Games
  • Beyond the Multiplayer Classroom: Story
  • Journaling the Zombie Apocalypse: Minecraft in College Composition
  • Cool School: Where Conflict Resolution is Fun
  • Adventures in Writing: Composition, Pedagogy, Video Games, and a Lot of Questions
  • Virtual Field Trips in Health Education
  • Designing Futures with Games: Game-Framed Math & Science at Hostos Community College
  • Fun and Usable: Making Better, More Intuitive Games
  • World of Warcraft: Experiencing Reality in a Virtual World
  • Teaching With Toons: Digital Avatars as Information Seeking Tools
  • Using Indie Games to Teach Ethics
  • From Game Player to Job Search Pro
  • Using Meaningful Gamification and Playful Design instead of Rewards for the Classroom
  • What Can Chess Teach Us About Sociology?
  • Teaching Fiction Writing Using Role-Playing Games
  • The Transformative Games Initiative: Learning by Design
  • The Education Arcade
  • Iterative Design and Implicit Bias: What we learned from making FairPlay.
  • It’s How You Play the Game: What Playtesting Taught Us about Game Design
  • Teaching the Art & Sound of Video Games across Two Disciplines
  • The Instrumentality of Virtuality: The Perceived Real-World Value of Video Gaming
  • The Integrated Problem Set: An Example of Social Science Gaming
  • Entertainment Games for Education: Self-Motivated Education and EVE Online
  • Meta Modding: Brainstorming Card Games for Pedagogical Purposes
  • What’s in a Game?: Teaching Online and Face-to-Face Composition Classrooms with Game-Based Pedagogies
  • Rules and Rhetoric: Unfair Games in the Composition Classroom
  • Liminal Space Between Fun and Educational Impact: A Post Mortem
  • Geolocation and Fear: Horror on the Ridges
  • Video Games as Feminist Pedagogy
  • The Challenges of Developing an Educational Board Game: Balancing Content and Gameplay
  • Woman Up!


  • Playing Together: Teamwork in Online Games
  • Game Design as Life Design: A Deck of Cards
  • Marriage Equality in Games: What Are Games Teaching Us?
  • Using a Card Game to Teach Circuits
  • Games and the Re-play of Gameplay: Rendering Deleuzian Memory
  • The Role of Video Game Glitch in Emancipated Learning and New Literacy Acquisition
  • Playing to Learn: Games, Engagment, and Deep Learning in Higher Education
  • Developing Game-Based Learning (GBL) Apps
  • “Choose Your Own” Fairy Tales? Electronic Literature and Game-Based Learning
  • Gold Stars & Badges
  • Complex Mechanics
  • From Cool School to CEDARIA: What Teens Can Learn from Kids About Gaming


  • Analyzing Procedural Learning and Emotion Recognition in Children using Serious Games
  • Computational Thinking Via Visual Game Coding
  • iSketch: A Digital Art Therapy Game to Improve Self-Esteem
  • Lerpz Behaves: A Game to Teach Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Unbiased: A Game to Reduced Errors in Cognitive and Social Biases
  • Saving Mikey: A Digital Games to Educate At-Risk College Students About Depression
  • Critical Thinker: A Digital Game that Teaches Critical Thinking Skills to College Freshman
  • Restaurant Rockstar: A Digital Game that Teaches Student How to Read Nutritional Fact Labels
  • Using a Board Game to Teach Students About Divided Attention
  • Improving Decision Making for Extreme Prospects Using a Board Game
  • Monster Appetite: To Eat or Not To Eat, That Is the Question
  • Murder Mystery Challenge! Engaging First-Year Students in a Game-Based Library Investigation
  • A Language Learning App for International Students Preparing for Higher Education in the U.S.

Arcade Demos:

  • Argument
  • The Game of College
  • Project CONST∆NT: A Gesture-Based Game That Teaches Calculus
  • Gametron7000
  • Salty Dogs
  • Stellar Chemist: A Work in Progress
  • Mind Reader and Forty Eight
  • Government in Action
  • Off the Page, Onto the Classroom Stage: Discoveries Through Play with Text and Language
  • SlashDash
  • Meanwhile

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