Teachers College Survey for Game Developers

Dear game developers and gamers, 


The Games Research Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University, is trying to find out how the best game developers work in their field and make decisions related to game design. 


We would appreciate your help/participation, which involves completing an online survey. The percentage scale at the bottom of each page indicates your progress through the survey. Your input will help us answer some valuable questions in game development research. The aggregated answers, when made public, will inform educational game designers in the hope of producing more effective learning games. The survey can be reached by clicking the link below.  


Link: https://tccolumbia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1GIsCfr9c5hdWfz


If you would like to opt out at any point during the survey you are more than welcome to do so. You are also welcome to remain anonymous if you choose to do so within the survey. Thank you for your participation in advance and we hope to stay in touch with you to share our valuable research findings. 


Note: This request is being sent through various game and related design forums, so if you are a member of more than one of those forums you might receive this email several times. We apologize in advance for cluttering your inbox. 




Games Research Lab

Teachers College, Columbia University

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